For the past months, we go from time to time to Poptones Studio in Paris to record some new songs. They are now being mixed! It’s the first step towards a new album. It’s still shy, and kind of secret, but you can follow this process on our brand new Instagram account, where we posted a few pics and videos. Like this rehearsal of a brass part for instance. Brass? Yeah! We’re adding new colours to our sound.

Recording #brass @Poptones studio in #Paris for #pollyanna’s next album.

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Winter gigs: south of France, Britanny, Burgundy and… Glasgow!

In January, I’ll first drive south to Nîmes, Sommières and Beaucaire (for a private show in a very beautiful house, in a very surreal city). For this last show, I’ll play in duo with Aline at the violin. She will also be with me in Nantes and Auray (we’ll play in a movie theater!). Then I’ll fly to Glasgow for a very special show at Drygate Brewery (also private, part of the Celtic Connections festival). This musical month will end in Paris at La Bellevilloise with the nice DIY festical Melodica, that gathers songwriters from 3 different continents. More details on our Concerts page.


“Real Life” remixed by Cajita (UK)

Jay Chakravorty is an old music friend of ours. A singer-songwriter-producer based in London, he plays keybords with Gaby Young & Other Animals. He is also the man behind a delicate ambient-folk project, Cajita. His remix of “Real Life” kind of surprised us… Pollyanna deconstructed in an almost dance-music version? Someone even told us Isabelle’s voice sounded like Madonna‘s there…!? Have a listen and make up your mind. It’s on Bandcamp and Youtube:

Another German week-end

Two nice gigs to start the season, in Hamburg and Bochum:
– Oct. 2nd: Hamburg @ Sängerknaben & Sirenen. A “Songwriters’ circle” in the pure Nashville style in the middle of the coolest block in Hamburg, the legendary Gängeviertel! Ja, Komm in die Gänge ;-)) and

– Oct. 3rd: Bochum @ Maarbrückewohnen. Alternative housing, positive thinking! A cosy show in a must-play attic for the 19th anniversary celebration week-end of the community. Check their Facebook page here.

German press…

Our album The Mainland is now out in Germany on Solaris Empire Records. Here are our favourite reviews in magazines in May:


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Cover of Jesus & Mary Chain in French and in English

Pollyanna & Joseph Fisher. She sings in English. He sings mostly in French. They share the same passion for songs, overdrived guitars and folk. They love words that mean something and complicated romances. He did the first move, she didn’t turn him down.
He offered to cover  Jesus and Mary Chain’s 1994 hit, “Sometimes Always”, and she went for it. They met at her place, invited Alexperimental in for a short afternoon. Strums and vocals were in the box. She added a few guitar solos, because girls too can play solos, and he was happy with it.
Then they decided it would be fun to translate the lyrics in French. Because hey, what’s the difference between Britpop and chanson française? If you really want to know you have to try that kind of game, see how it sounds. Now tell us which one you like better ;-)