What are we doing here?



New video: “Brighton”

Our song Brighton’s official video, made from vintage archives. Two kids travelling by boat, trains, madness, a Brighton strangler and bombshelled London. Typical Pollyanna fun! No kidding, all this allowed us to translate the song’s nostalgic tone and it’s underlying anxiety, the fear of coming back home when you don’t know what to expect from your life and feel a bit lost. All that, and the love of boats and its slower pace.

German and Belgian tour

A very nice collection of private and public places in Germany and Belgium this fall: cafés, whiky clubs, a big alternative room in Hamburg, Berlin folk clubs and a blues venue in Liege. Can’t wait!

20/09 – Hambourg (DE) @ Cafe Raum & Zeit
22/09 – Wuppertal (DE) @ Zweistein
25/09 – Bochum (DE) @ Neuland
26/09 – Münster (DE) @ Watermark
06/10 – Seneffe (BE) @ Les Melomanes
4/11 – Hamburg (DE) @ Sängerknaben & Sirenen, Gängeviertel,
5/11 – Lübeck (DE) @ Sternschnuppe
7/11 – Berlin (DE) @ Ä, avec Alice Rose from Denmark
8/11 – Berlin (DE) @ Artliners, avec Kitty Solaris
10/11 – Liège (Luik, Lüttich) (BE) @ Blues-Sphere

Festival Interceltique in Brittany

We will be at the Festival Interceltique de Lorient on August 3rd and 4th. We will probably play in the Asturias and Galicia’s houses (viva España!). And also in a couple of cool pubs. Local specialties being salted butter and improvisation, we will know our final programme on the premices. If you are around and want to keep in touch about that, please e-mail us! A contact form is available on this site. We DO receive and read e-mails ;-)

Gigs summary:
26/07 – Nevers @ La Tavern’
02/08 – Plovan @ Penn Ar Bed
03-04/08 – Lorient @ Interceltique
05/08 – Vannes @ Concert d’appart’

Properly on Spotify and Deezer, at last!

Our most recent albums, The Mainland and Polly & the Fine Feathers, are back on Spotify, Deezer, etc. Hurray! All with a brand new artist profile. At last we are ready for the 21st century.

The Mainland on Deezer | Spotify
Polly & the Fine Feathers on Deezer | Spotify

And our profile on Deezer | Spotify

Listen unlimitedly! And don’t forget, we also work hard to make beautiful physical packages in Digipack and vinyl, with illustrated sleeves and booklets, etc. and that’s here.

November tour in Germany and the UK

Luggage almost done, car inspected, ferry tickets booked: we are ready to start a rather intensive tour in the UK and Germany (with one step across the French border in Strasbourg). In solo or, in Germany, in duo, with Aline playing the violin.

Nov. 8 – Sheffield (UK) @ Riley’s & co (solo),
7 PM. Part of the “Something OLD, something NEW, Something BLUE” series, organised by the brave indie label Labelship (Cinema Cinema, Martin Bisi, Overdrive Amp Explosion….)
Nov. 9 – Nottingham (UK) @ Jam Café (solo), 8 PM, supporting Felix MB from London
Nov. 10 – Reading (UK) @ Rising Sun Art Centre (solo), 7:30 PM. “Big Untidy – Bohemia Spcial” night.
Nov. 15 – Düsseldorf (DE) @ Niemandsland, 7:30 pm
Nov. 16 – Kiel (DE) @ Prinz Willy (duo), 8 PM
Nov. 17 – Aumühle (DE) @ Living Room Show (duo)*
Nov. 18 – Saarbrücke (DE) @ (to be announced)**
Nov. 19 – Karlsruhe (DE) @ Living Room Show (duo)*
Nov. 20 – Strasbourg (FR) @ Le Local (duo), 8 PM, w/ Log House
Nov. 22 – Hamburg (DE) @ Pooca Bar (duo), 8 PM,
with our old friend Summer Crowd Stereo
Nov. 23 – Lübeck (DE) @ SternSchnuppe (duo), 8 PM
Nov 25 – Berlin (DE) @ Living room show in Friedrichshain*
… And back to France in December:
Dec. 8 – Rennes (FR) @ Les Petits Papiers (trio), 9 PM
Dec. 9 – Tours (FR) @ Bar à Mines (trio), 9 PM
Dec. 10 – Orléans (FR) @ Living Room Show (trio), 6 PM*
*If you are interested in attending a living room show,
please send us an e-mail.
** Details coming soon, if you are around, same thing: give us a shout!

Photo: (c) Xavier Schneider


For the past months, we go from time to time to Poptones Studio in Paris to record some new songs. They are now being mixed! It’s the first step towards a new album. It’s still shy, and kind of secret, but you can follow this process on our brand new Instagram account, where we posted a few pics and videos. Like this rehearsal of a brass part for instance. Brass? Yeah! We’re adding new colours to our sound.

Recording #brass @Poptones studio in #Paris for #pollyanna’s next album.

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Winter gigs: south of France, Britanny, Burgundy and… Glasgow!

In January, I’ll first drive south to Nîmes, Sommières and Beaucaire (for a private show in a very beautiful house, in a very surreal city). For this last show, I’ll play in duo with Aline at the violin. She will also be with me in Nantes and Auray (we’ll play in a movie theater!). Then I’ll fly to Glasgow for a very special show at Drygate Brewery (also private, part of the Celtic Connections festival). This musical month will end in Paris at La Bellevilloise with the nice DIY festical Melodica, that gathers songwriters from 3 different continents. More details on our Concerts page.


“Real Life” remixed by Cajita (UK)

Jay Chakravorty is an old music friend of ours. A singer-songwriter-producer based in London, he plays keybords with Gaby Young & Other Animals. He is also the man behind a delicate ambient-folk project, Cajita. His remix of “Real Life” kind of surprised us… Pollyanna deconstructed in an almost dance-music version? Someone even told us Isabelle’s voice sounded like Madonna‘s there…!? Have a listen and make up your mind. It’s on Bandcamp and Youtube:

Another German week-end

Two nice gigs to start the season, in Hamburg and Bochum:
– Oct. 2nd: Hamburg @ Sängerknaben & Sirenen. A “Songwriters’ circle” in the pure Nashville style in the middle of the coolest block in Hamburg, the legendary Gängeviertel! Ja, Komm in die Gänge ;-))
http://saengerknabenundsirenen.jimdo.com and http://das-gaengeviertel.info/

– Oct. 3rd: Bochum @ Maarbrückewohnen. Alternative housing, positive thinking! A cosy show in a must-play attic for the 19th anniversary celebration week-end of the community. Check their Facebook page here.